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Why an Oil Change is Important To Your Vehicle

For a professional oil change in Oshawa, many motorist choose Ace Automotive. The quality of your motor oil is very important to the optimum performance of your vehicle’s engine. Over time your cars oil breaks down and your filter becomes clogged with the dirt, metal particles, and other impurities found in the engine. Because of this, regularly changing your vehicles oil and filter is a very important part of keeping it running well and preventing loss of oil viscosity from ruining your engine.

Depending on how you drive, under what conditions, and what type of vehicle you have, the frequency of needing an oil change will vary. The old standard was every 3000 miles. However with modern improvements in motor oil and vehicles, an oil change may be needed only every 5000 miles or even more. Your owners manual will suggest oil change service intervals, but a with quick inspection by Ace Automotive, we can tell you whether it is needed or not.

Complete Oil Change Services You Can Rely On

If you are a motorist in need of a reliable oil change in Oshawa, you can depend on Ace’s Automotive to provide you with the utmost professional auto services in the industry. Unlike other providers, we don’t merely have you choose and buy motor oil, and then put it in the engine for you. Our professional team of technicians make sure that the right motor oil of the highest quality is matched with your vehicle.

We have many top brands of motor oil available, including synthetic blends and fully synthetic oils. We also offer a range of high quality oil filters, with many options available to ensure you get the right one.

You have invested a lot in your vehicle and you depend on it. In order to keep it serving you as long as possible, you need to do proper and regular maintenance. Ace Automotive offers great prices on complete oil changes. By having us take care of your vehicle with an oil change or our other professional auto services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can depend on your vehicle for a long time.

Don’t waste your time going to any other automotive service provider. For all of your oil change needs in Oshawa, Durham Region, Town of Whitby, Bowmanville, Courtice, and Clarington, Ontario, Ace Automotive is the one place to go!

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