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Complete Automotive Services at Ace's


If you need to fix an auto in Oshawa – go to Ace’s Automotive Inc., our customers can always expect to get the most value out of our auto services. Whether domestic or imported vehicles, we provide the complete set solutions to address whatever concerns motorists may have. At an incredibly affordable rate of $49.95 per hour, we will make sure that your vehicle is not just back on the road in no time, but also that the problem it experienced does not happen again.

Our services include:

Preventive Maintenance

To help you continuously enjoy the use of your vehicle and extend its service life, we provide you extensive preventive maintenance services which helps prevent car breakdowns and the malfunctioning of your vehicle’s different components. When periodically maintained by Ace’s Automotive, your car does not only continue to be road worthy, we also help you avoid the costs associated with tire repair, emergency towing, and complete overhauls.

Oil Change

Your vehicle’s oil and filter is often one of its most overlooked aspects, especially since its not always visible, and it is important that it is changed periodically to ensure proper function of the engine as well as safety. At Ace’s Automotive, we can make sure your vehicle’s oil and filter is changed at the proper mileage set of by your car’s manufacturer as well as include a complementary visual inspection with the service to truly ensure your safety.

Brake Service

Like most parts of your vehicle, the brakes eventually wear out over time. Due to constant use, it is one of the parts that wears out quicker than others and must be constantly checked to determine when already in need of replacement. To ensure your continued safety, we provide you a complimentary inspection for your brake system with any of our other services. We will provide you with a selection of high quality break pads that we can expertly install when replacement is needed.

Transmission Service

It is very important to have your vehicle’s transmission serviced at the time which the car manufacturer has recommended, as it is one of the most important components of the engine. It provides the controlled application of the power the engine generates, and if not working well can adversely affect the effectiveness and safety of driving. Our team of technicians are trained and certified to service and diagnose transmissions on many types of vehicles and can also provide clutch services.

Tune Ups

Tune ups are very important in ensuring driving of the highest quality from your vehicle. We provide expert tune ups to, among many things, help decrease your fuel mileage and make sure your vehicle passes all the required air care emission tests. Some of our tune up services include providing you suitable replacements for worn our spark plugs and air filters, their expert installation, and more.

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