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Get our Affordable but Efficient Brake Service

  • Brakes Repair and Service Discount Starting From $39.95 Per Wheel

Don’t take the chance on a bad brake when you can get Oshawa auto repair instead!

Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or a family man driving your partner and kids daily, you simply couldn’t contest the importance of having your trusty ride’s brakes in excellent condition. Indeed, bad brakes could get you in trouble regardless of the terrain you’re driving in – be it a slick road that has been recently rained on, or rough, rocky soil.

This is where we at Ace’s Automotive could help you – we have excellent services on auto repair in Oshawa that is sure to get your car working at its finest. Moreover, if you choose to work with us anytime from January 15 to February 15 this 2014, we will offer you a special discount on our brake services, starting from $39.95 a wheel!

We also offer efficient brake maintenance and repair packages, performed by our team of highly-trained and experienced auto professionals. Call us today to get your trusty set of wheels checked before you take it out for a spin.

This winter, it’s important that you give your car a pit stop and some much needed classic auto repair in Oshawa every now and then. This way, you can be sure that you and your family won’t be in any danger during your drive.

  • Brake Service Discount
  • Promo runs from January 15 – February 15, 2014
  • Discount price starts at $39.95 a wheel
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